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Chennai, India
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Tablets India has a dedicated Business Development team which is in constant pursuit for In Licensing unique products from across the globe, which address the current and also the future therapy needs of Indian patient population demographics. In quest for Business Development and to keep abreast with latest developments, this dept undertakes several activities like: Constant monitoring of cyberspace Participating in Major Nutraceuticals conferences like Vitafoods Europe, Geneva; Vitafoods...  read more Asia, Hong Kong; Supply Side East, USA; Supply Side West, USA Participating in National Conferences on Probiotics & Nutraceuticals Presenting data/ Papers on Probiotics at "The International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics" Showcasing TIL products at International conferences and exhibitions Periodically meeting our collaborators to access new development and product pipeline This team assists in facilitating several In-licensing arrangements with various major companies across the globe and has been able to provide innovative solutions for Gut health, Uro-genital health, Child health, to name a few. These products have attained leadership positions in the designated therapy areas. In tune with its mission of providing "Quality Health care", Tablets India Limited provides quality pharmaceuticals through pioneering work, research and development. As per the latest audit, Tablets India is ranked amongst the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in India. In line with its mission, the overall R&D spend of TIL, as the percentage of sales, continues to be among the highest in Indian Pharmaceutical sector. All the In Licensed products have been stabilized by the R&D team to withstand the Indian conditions so as to ensure the claim of stability beyond their shelf life. TIL is the only Indian company to have set up an "Exclusive Probiotic manufacturing facility", which complies with international quality standards. This facility is equipped to manufacture various dosage forms like Capsules, Sachets, Dry syrup, Lozenges, Capsule-in-capsule, Sachet-in-sachet, HPMC capsules. We look forward to further strategic technical alliances and business associations through focused In Licensing / Out Licensing activities. We welcome likeminded partnerships for newer pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals formulations including Probiotics. We also render well equipped manufacturing facilities for toll/contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals/Probiotics formulations

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